Best #6 Travel Seo Hacks To Get More extra Bookings From Google

Now this time, with the extensive use of smartphones and internet savvy devices, more and more consumers are depending on online platforms for their travel conditions. Travel companies now need to work so harder to bring business online and fight in the market.

Travel Marketing Company

Follow some Best SEO tips for a travel agency:

Great Memories Happen When You Don’t Know Where You’re Going.

Having a great travel SEO strategy is a unique way to look at the top google search engine results.

1. Keyword Position and Perfect Keyword Optimization

Now, when somebody wants to travel the first thing they do is to Google preferences for places.


Your travel business wants to know the keywords and phrases that Public use when searching for destinations or travel places.

To better rank your travel website better, you want to research keywords regularly and add the most common ones in the content. Keep in mind not to overstuff your content with keywords and additional information as Google can penalize your website.

Provided here are some keyword analysis points to follow:

  • You should take an excellent keyword consistency, which is nothing but having a good keyword density rate without over-stuffed keywords.
  • Try to target 4-5 Same Phases keywords per page.
  • Try placing the keyword in the header of a page (Means H1)
  • Use keywords in the meta description, title tag and alt tags.
  • Use the Google Keyword Planner ( Keywords Research Tool/ Keywords Finder, Uber Suggest) tool to find the right keywords. This tool enables you to see what people are typing is typing in Google.
  • Write an optimized content about the keywords along with with semiotic (LSI) keywords.
  • Enter your keywords in the website URL its was the perfect way to target a perfect keyword on the page.
  • Make your most relevant keywords the first few concepts in your blog post’s title.
  • Optimize the target page as well as homepage with keywords

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2. Local SEO

Local SEO is a perfect way used by search engines to attest to the most important results based on the position data. When seeking a travel agency you are more inclined to prefer the one in your region, right?

Think with MIttal Local Business Listing

If you want to see your travel businesses succeed online and look in Google 3 pack listing then you require to do the followings:

  • For your travel agency, first and leading create a Google My Business account and provide your business address.
  • Create your Google My Business Listing.
  • Enter your travel agency in the local business directory.
  • Add schema markup to your local business location and enter it on a homepage.
  • Enter the city/ state in the title tag of your page.
  • Assure that your company/business name, location, and contact number and contact mail is the same everywhere for Google maps, your website, local link building, social media pages, etc.
  • Geotag the pictures.

3. Club Voice Search & Related Search Query To Build a content


As per Google’s statistics, 20% of mobile inquiries are voice quests and we are frequently using voice search to receive our search questions online then type search. Voice search is fast and allows for hands-free communication with smart devices.

4. Link Building


Link structure is a useful off-page SEO strategy and is important for achieving high rankings in SERPs.

The mystery is how to get the connections that deliver for your travel website?

Some of the methods you can use to make the links are given below:

  • Press releases are helpful in the travel industry. If you have good travel proposals do press releases so that travel industry influencers and bloggers are expected to recommend your website to spirits. Once your business has built a reputation, your website might even be placed with the biggest travel portals.
  • You can suggest links from touring review websites and portals and make bonds on Twitter or Facebook with travel bloggers or writers and give them incentives to visit your website.
  • Initiate a discussion with and encouraging them to visit your properties or giving them an expensive offer for their readers.

5. Make Your Website Load Faster & Mobile Friendly


Having a responsive website is very essential for a travel website as the most maximum of the users now scan and book from their smartphones.

Business travelers or leisure explorers, both are seeing for mobile-friendly websites to make their decisions. Hence optimize for free users as it will allow them to lead out to your marketing through mobile devices.

Also, design your website design in such a way that it well fits mobile screens.

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6. Make Information Architecture & Travel SEO Work Together

Information architecture is a necessity for achieving high organic SEO rankings. By having your site’s data and content created, you help in improving your website’s design.

It can work towards achieving higher search engine rankings but more powerful is to make your website user-friendly.


Now that you understand some travel SEO tips, you can begin performing your travel website.

But if you still in a barrier to getting customer bookings from organic traffic, feel free to contact Think With Mittal for travel SEO services as well as UI/UX design services for your travel agency website.

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